Ten Grooming Habits Every Successful Man Must Have.

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Grooming Tips for men

In the past, men who took notice of their appearance were looked at scornfully and often laughed at. Luckily, the time has changed and we have exited an era of primitivism and narrow-mindedness. Man who takes care of himself and his looks is not less of a man. We are presenting 10 habits you can pick up from celebrities in order to maintain a good and desirable appearance. The secret lies in the fact you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on different, expensive product, just develop your grooming routine and stick to it regularly.

  1. Visit your barber regularly

Once you are done with your haircut it is useful to start thinking about the next time you will make an appointment. When the period of four weeks passes, you should keep in mind the visit to your barber. Also, be careful when choosing the barber. Do not just pick the first nearest, but try out few different barbers and pick the one who can handle your hair best. If you have notices your hair is outgrown, do not think other did not notice it, so hurry up and straight to your barber.

  1. Choose the best hair products

We all sometimes wallow in nostalgia while think about one and only. Famous hair product: Brylcreem which existed even in your grandad’s era. Now, since more and more products are being available on the market, men are often confused and wander in dark while looking for the right one. You are free to try out more products and choose the satisfying one. If you really do not have time to do a research just ask your barber and he will determine the right product based on your hair type.

  1. Find your scent

Many men are making a beginner’s mistake and constantly force putting their aftershave. They have no measure in putting it on, and believe they will be more desirable if their aftershave can be scented in a circle of one mile. The thing is, this is counterproductive, women will cover their noses in your presence and it will turn out to be everything but attractive. Do the research, try out samples and find your own subtle scent.

  1. Use electric toothbrush

There are two things most women firstly notice on men: their shoes and their perfect smile. This is why you should not neglect your dental health. Use electric toothbrush since it is proven to do the job and reduce the plaque more efficiently. After brushing the teeth, use the mouthwash and you are ready to go.

  1. Trimming is a must

Nowadays, by doing a trim regularly, you are not doing a favor to your significant other, but you are maintaining your grooming routine while being polite too. You do not have to strive towards the looks of a porn star, just be modest and keep things neat and tidy. There are special razors designed for the hair removal of that area, so do not use the same razor for your face and this region.

  1. Discipline your face hair

It is perfectly acceptable to grow a beard since times have changed since it was prohibited or considered untidy. You can grow your beard for as long as it is nicely kept and taken care of. Regardless of its length, every facial hair needs to be tamed and trimmed regularly so you would not give away an impression of a sloppy gut who does not maintain his grooming routine regularly.

  1. Instead, learn how to shave properly

Perhaps you do not have time in the morning for a meticulous shave, but some good basics can be mastered. Before the very act of shaving, prepare your skin by applying a bit of oil so the razor would run smoothly in your hands. Also, submerge the blade in warm water so your hairs would not get irritated to fall off the face more easily, without redness and scars. It you are still bored with that tedious obligation, visit your barber and leave yourself in hands of you reliable barber.

  1. Take care of your feet

Since the winter is coming and your feet may not be on display for most of the time. This does not mean you should stop paying attention to them. A regular foot care is definitely important. Treat them after the hot bath or a warm shower because your skin is softest at that time. Use the stone to remove the dead skin and before rubbing the cream on. If you are to be consistent in maintaining this routine, you will show your feet with pride when the summer comes.

  1. Deal with dark circles

Dark circles around your eyes might reveal a serious health problem, therefore, instead of covering them, it would be useful to visit doctor and find out what causes them. If you have done it, and dark circles did not go away, it is time to reconsider what kind of moisturizer are you rubbing in, and is it worth the thing. Use the moisturizer which will not damage your already thin and vulnerable skin under eyes. If you have tried it all and nothing helps,use the eye roll-on as an inevitable part of your morning routine.

  1. Keep your stray hair neat

It is definitely not a problem if a lot of testosterone is pumping your body, so big eyebrows as in Farrell’s or Clooney’s face are a sign of masculinity. However, stray hair which are magically showing up on your face, ears, nose definitely need to be taken care of. If they are not abundant in number, plucking may come as a good solution. If you still cannot put them under control, it is time to visit your barber and ask for a help.

How did you like the article? Do you maintain your regular grooming routine?

In this article, we have listed most important grooming habits that successful and famous men have. They shine on the red carpet, but you can shine in the comfort of your office in you stick to these rules.



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