Simple Philanthropy: Easy Ways To Change The World Around You

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Simple Philanthropy: Easy Ways To Change The World Around You

Many people wrongly believe that philanthropy has to be a burden on the budget, and thus a philantropist must be someone with a lot of money to spare. The general consensus is that if ordinary people indulge in philanthropy they inevitably end up in the soup kitchen but this cannot be farther from the truth.

Our world has never been perfect, and never will be; even in our modern times there remains such a prevalence of problems that there is always something that willing minds and hearts can set themselves to that will make a difference. And none of these things cost any money! The truth is money, while being a very valuable resource, is not the only resource at your disposal. There are lots of other things that you have to offer which can change the world around you and make it a better place. If you are short of the Rolls in the garage, but still feel the urge to extend yourself to do more for humanity and those around you then you can take inspiration from our list on simple philanthropy. Most of these you can start doing immediately, no matter your station in life.

  1. Recycle

Simple Philanthropy - Recycle
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Today just about anything can be recycled-newspapers, electronics; plastic-sadly very few people indulge in it. A good way to start is by taking the time to encourage your friends and family, as well as co-workers to start recycling, teaching them the many benefits to the environment and the planet, especially in respect to climate change. But beyond that you can pick up the practice yourself; actions speak louder than words. In so doing you would be taking your place at the forefront of one of the most important battles humanity faces today: the battle for our planet’s future.

  1. Become an Advocate or an Activist

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Another idea for simple philanthropy. There are many ways one can be a hero, and sometimes all that is needed is a resolute voice to get a conversation going. You could speak out or join your voice to that of those about or against many issues such as autism, racism, sexism, war mongering, and corruption, among other things. A less vocal but equally effective method for activism would be to raise funds for a chosen charity. You could get your family and friends involved in organising activities like concerts, yard sales, sensitization talks and seminars among others. All these causes need every little bit of help they can get.

  1. Organ Donation

Simple Philanthropy - Organ Donation
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A philanthropist is someone who appreciates what they have enough to want to share it with others. Your body is the first thing you own before any other, and the willingness to share it with those less privileged is philanthropy of the highest order-and it’s totally free. Just make sure you talk this over with your family members or those who will be in charge of handling your body when you are passed away. You could save up to eight lives by registering with the organ donor registry in your country. The organs you no longer need after death may be someone else’s only shot at life.

  1. Blood Donation

Simple Philanthropy - Blood Donation
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There is a drastic shortage of blood all over the world. The need for willing donors has never been higher. It costs only 30 minutes of your time and a tiny bit of pain from the pin prick to help fill this need and save lives. Doing this will make you a philanthropist par excellence!

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