DO’s and DONT’s : The Art of Shaving.

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Learn the Art of Shaving – Do’s & Don’t


For something that they allegedly do every day, you would think that men would have mastered the art of shaving by now, but that is not the case.

The fact is many men still struggle in the fight against the 5 oclock shadow, and that is mainly down to the way they use and handle their tools. Most men have had to deal with razor cuts, burns, dry skin and so on.

We hope to change that.

Whether you go for the clean shaven look or you more of a beard man, these dos, don’ts tips will definitely help you turn the tables and take your game to a whole new level.

DO: Choose the Right Razor

Choose the Right Razor
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If it’s a close shave you want, then you want to go with a multi-blade cartridge style razor. These are more suited for the purpose than the electric razor which you use dry. A good example of a razor that can fill this need properly is Gillette Fusion Pro Shield that offers five durable blades per cartridge.

You may also want to consider a razor that incorporates moisturizing components, so that you avoid burns while shaving, again like the Fusion Pro Shield from Gillette.

DONT: Abuse Your Razor

Don't Abuse Your Razor
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In order to avoid spending more than you have to, take better care of your razor and avoid having to replace it.

The most common abuse which most razors have to endure is when the user bangs it against a surface to clear it of excess shaving cream.

This causes dinks and cracks which will compromise the quality of your shaving.

Instead of doing this, take an extra second to wash away the cream with some warm water.

DO: Make the Shave Convenient

Make the Shave Convenient
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Take control of your shaving time and make it as convenient as possible. If you find that you are usually pressed for time in the morning, making sure that all the tools, including a sharp razor are in place the night before will make you  realise you have all the time you need to make a proper effort at looking good.

A simple change of attitude towards shaving in general may make all the difference.

To help you take stay on top of things you could even join a shaving club.

They can regularly send you sharp razors as well as new products for testing, information, tips, as well as the chance to win tickets to sporting events and entertainment. They are a great way to make sure that you never feel overwhelmed by all the tools needed for a clean shave.

DO: Switch up Your Morning Routine

Switch up Morning Shaving Routine
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It’s normal to try and skimp on some of the routines that are necessary for a great shave either in favour of spending more time in bed, or maybe just because of plain impatience.

Stop doing that.

Studies have shown that your facial hair in the morning could be as hard as copper wire (yeah, you heard that right) and taking a few minutes to wash your face with a moisturizing face wash will go a long way to soften your hair and open your pores, while making it possible for your skin to retain some of the oils it would otherwise lose while shaving.

A good tip to help you accomplish this is to take your bath before shaving.

DONT: Sacrifice Quality for Price

Gillette Shave Club
Image Courtesy: Gillette Shave Club

With the many different razors available on the market, the temptation could be to go for the cheapest. But cheapest does not always translate to a good bargain. Nicks and dents are often the case with low end razors, and you may spend more in the long run as you look for replacements.

A great way to spend less while gaining more is to join shave clubs like the Gillette shave club so that you can benefit from all the great products for as little as $5.62 per month. Now, that’s a bargain.

Ever tried joining a shaving club? Tell us if you know of any quick tips to help ease the shaving process.



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