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Sunglasses are protective eyewear created for the prevention of high-energy visible light and bright sunlight to damage the eye or cause eye discomfort. Some sunglasses also functions as visual aids.

A pair of wonderful sunglasses can elevate your looks immediately even while just turning up in just t-shirt and jeans. The logic behind this is to identify the right pair for you. To get the best sunglasses for yourself, you need to remember the fact below.


If you are looking at obtaining a sunglass that can complement your face shape, you should go for the sunglasses that is opposite your face shape.

Round Sunglasses for strong jaws
Image Courtesy: Eclectic Sun
  • If you have a square face with a strong jaw that is of the same width with your forehead and an undefined chin, you have to look for sunglasses with round frames.
Rectangular Sunglasses for Men
Image Courtesy: Gucci
  • If you have a round face with the widest part of your face (cheeks) with an angular face, you will need rectangular sunglasses that will create an illusion that your face has more angle than it does in reality and make your face look longer.
Rectangular Sunglasses for men
Image Courtesy: John Lewis
  • If your skin is dark, you can go for darker colored and rectangular sunglasses.
Yellow Rounded Sunglasses
Image Courtesy: cdn
  • While the lighter-skinned individuals should stick with browns and yellow sunglasses with a slight curve.
Sunglasses for men with a long face
Image Courtesy: Aliexpress
  • If your face is slightly longer than the width, you will require sunglasses that will break your face and create a form of proportionality in terms of width to length.
Rectangular Sunglasses
Image Courtesy: Heritage Malta
  • If your face is triangular, you need sunglasses that are rectangular in order to balance out the chin to forehead ratio.

Importance of sunglasses

Ultraviolet light (UV) is an electromagnetic radiation that is not visible to the eye. When absorbed by eye molecules in high dosage it can damage eye structures such as the lens, cornea, and retina.

When the eye is not protected enough from the high-intensity UV, it can lead to photokeratitis, which is a painful condition of the eye.

Sunglasses also functions in vision protection just as sunscreen keeps the skin from the damaging effect of the UV rays. Ordinary untreated eyeglasses can give a little protection against UV light.

Plastic lenses offer a far better coverage of UV than glasses which makes them more effective. Polycarbonate, a form of plastic lens material can block most UV light while photochromic lenses offer full protection against UV.

Some contact lenses also offer protection against UV but you still need to put on sunglasses because there are some areas of the eye that is not properly covered by contact lenses.

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