“Beneficial effects” Mark Zuckerberg is a cunning move that would allow him to avoid paying taxes in reaching the billions of dollars. Facebook almost do not drain – and now also the founder of their escape. At first glance, the statement Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook that will allocate 99% of its own shares in the company – worth about $ 45 billion – to charity, it seems sincere. Other well-known billionaires like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, also promised that a huge part of their estates to…Continue Reading “A Journalist makes Shocking Allegations against Chan Zuckerberg Foundation”

ifu helps develop new business opportunities

IFU, the Investment Fund for Developing Countries, helps Danish companies with business development so they can establish a stronger foothold in emerging markets. With IFU’s new mandate, including the new Agricultural Fund, the possibilities have been greatly enhanced. IFU has an increasingly important role as a developer of new business markets for Danish companies. It is not enough to offer capital – or to just wait for companies to submit new ideas for investments. Take South Africa, for instance. – “I can clearly see what Danish companies…Continue Reading “IFU Helps Develop New Business Opportunities”

oslo parking app space

Have you ever tried to park in Ekeberg during the Norway Cup? It’s definitely not an easy task. The funny part is, there are plenty of parking spots available on private properties in the area. – “We conducted an experiment last year in Oslo,” said Sigurd Høystad, general manager of a start-up called Space. – “We knocked on the doors of 40 homeowners in Ekeberg during the Norway Cup, asking if they would like to rent out parking space for one or more cars on their…Continue Reading “Mobile App Entrepreneurs Will Solve Oslo’s Parking Problem”

According to the international financial services provider, Foresters, up to 90% of the general population donated cash in 2011. In our increasingly connected world it’s hard not to extend help. That said, times can be difficult and economic tides can change. Is largesse limited to money, or is there such a thing as charity beyond money? According to Foresters 57% of those who took part in the survey donated old items lying around, while 43% preferred volunteering their time. Clearly there are ways to lend…Continue Reading “Charity beyond money”

tax on millionaires

There are very few topics that are sure to get a heated debate going across the dinner table like the topic about taxes; especially when it comes to how much the rich and ultra-rich are supposedly entitled to pay. A huge part of acquiring wealth and keeping it lies in knowing how to considerably reduce the amount of taxes you pay or legally avoiding paying them altogether. The key word here is legally. In a 1789 letter talking about the American constitution, Benjamin Franklin made…Continue Reading “A Multimillionaire Businessman Pays their Taxes”

What is Autism? Autism is a mental condition that affects how people interact with other people and how they perceive the world around them. Autistic people have a different way of seeing, feeling and hearing the world, which consequently makes them have varying degrees of difficulties in social interactions and communicating. They also tend to have repetitive behaviours. Autism Rocks Autism Rocks is a charity music show whose aim is to raise money that goes into research for autism. The funds raised go to Autism…Continue Reading “Importance of Celebrity Presence in Charity Show: Autism Rocks”

louis vuitton life

Arguably, Louis Vuitton is the emblem of Luxury Company’s worldwide and particularly in Europe. According to a recent finding by the Forbes magazine, it makes an estimated amount of twenty-eight billion in one year in the sale of luxury items such as bags. But have you ever asked yourself from where this shocking empire of popular and famous iconic bags emerged? More importantly, who is this man Louis Vuitton? Early Life Louis was born to a less fortunate family in the Eastern part of France…Continue Reading “How to Create an Empire: Louis Vuitton”

minimalism: a success Factor for successful people

Success is a word that has had many diverse definitions over the years. It can refer to various aspects ranging from fortune to fame, gigantic houses and even owning the most luxurious cars among many other things. To cut to the chase, success in this generation is mostly about what you have in terms of sole ownership. If a person manages to own all the above mentioned things, you are most likely to be referred to as successful and if you don`t have them, you`re…Continue Reading “Why Do Most Successful People Follow Minimalism?”

Richard Branson

You cannot have a list of the most successful people in the world and not have Sir Richard Branson`s name on it. There have been some documentaries about him, there are books he has written and there are even more articles written about him. There are lots of lessons we can learn from him but we will highlight just a few. Self-motivation There is nothing drives you more than self-motivation. Once you identify and understand the reason you do what you do, nothing will stop…Continue Reading “Lessons to Learn From Sir Richard Branson”

Learn the Art of Shaving – Do’s & Don’t For something that they allegedly do every day, you would think that men would have mastered the art of shaving by now, but that is not the case. The fact is many men still struggle in the fight against the 5 o’clock shadow, and that is mainly down to the way they use and handle their tools. Most men have had to deal with razor cuts, burns, dry skin and so on. We hope to change…Continue Reading “DO’s and DONT’s : The Art of Shaving.”