The Living Legend: Sir Richard Branson

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Richard Branson with Virgin Logo

The entrepreneur Richard Branson was born on the eighteenth of July, in the year 1950, in Surrey, England. It is shocking to learn that he struggled in school and ultimately dropped out at the age of sixteen. This is an outcome that eventually led to the birth of Virgin Records. His business projects began in the music industry and later expanded into other departments, and as a result of this, he became a billionaire.

He has employed thousands of employees and his Virgin group currently holds more than 200 companies, including the most recent space tourism company, Virgin Galactic.

Branson is also a well-known outdoor enthusiast and has an adventurous spirit. He participates in various sports and undertakes risky stunts.


Early life

Richard Charles Nicholas Branson was born into the family of Edward James Branson and Eve Branson. His father worked as a barrister, while his mother was employed as a flight attendant. Richard faced enormous challenges in educational institutions because he suffered from of Dyslexia. He nearly didn’t perform accordingly in all boys S Cait Cliffe schools which he attended until the age of thirteen. Later he was transferred to Stowe School in Stowe, Buckinghamshire, England.

Still facing a tremendous challenge of making a name for himself in school and in education as a whole, Branson chose to drop out at the young age of sixteen. He went ahead and started a youth culture magazine entitled ‘Student.’ The publication was run and managed by students, for students, and it sold over seven thousand dollars worth of advertising in its first edition.

It is interesting to note that the first fifty thousand copies were distributed for free as Branson had already covered the costs through advertising.

While living in a London commune, in 1969 surrounded by drug scenes and British music, Branson first came up with the idea of beginning a mail order record company called Virgin to assist in funding his magazine efforts.

The company’s performance convinced Richard to expand his business venture, adding a record shop in Oxford Street, in London, England.


Virgin Records

With the help of the Branson team, his first artist called Mike Oldfield, recorded his hit single entitled ‘Tubular Bells’ in the year 1973 with the support of the Richard Branson personnel. The song was instantly accepted by music enthusiasts as it stayed in the UK charts for two hundred and forty-seven weeks.

Other artists who were attracted to this brand include the Rolling Stone, Sex Pistols, and The Culture Club.


Business Expansion

Branson has over the years continued to expand his Virgin brand. He has gone ahead to include Virgin Airlines and also a series of Virgin megastores. However, success was not always assured for Richard as in 1992 he was forced to sell the company to Thorn EMI for a prize of one billion.

Branson was significantly affected by the loss to the extent of shedding tears, but he was determined on staying in the music business. In the year 1993, he started the Virgin Radio, and in 1996 he founded a second record company called V2.

He has also managed to build a spaceship through the recent Virgin Galactic. With it, he hopes to achieve milestones in the space travel and discovery. It is necessary to bear in mind that currently, the Virgin group holds more than 200 companies from all over the world.



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