Importance of Celebrity Presence in Charity Show: Autism Rocks

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What is Autism?

Autism is a mental condition that affects how people interact with other people and how they perceive the world around them. Autistic people have a different way of seeing, feeling and hearing the world, which consequently makes them have varying degrees of difficulties in social interactions and communicating. They also tend to have repetitive behaviours.

Celebrities on Autism Rocks
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Autism Rocks

Autism Rocks is a charity music show whose aim is to raise money that goes into research for autism. The funds raised go to Autism Research Trust (ART) which supports research by the Autism Research Centre (ARC) with its base at Cambridge University. The research is aimed at understanding the cause and effects of autism.

Autism Rocks involves a lot of celebrities to help raise awareness to the cause. However, many people are left with questions as to whether involving celebrities is really necessary for Autism Rocks, and for other charity events for that matter. A simple answer? Yes, it is necessary.


Celebrity Ambassadors

Celebrities bring their talents on board, and it does not have to be high profile. Some play their roles behind the scenes and there are those that may even go unmentioned. Music, sport and film are three of the most influential aspects in society today and staging a charity show based on any of the three would be one way of raising mass awareness to the cause. So if you have a popular musician as the face of autism for a gig to be held in London for example, advertising and marketing the gig in itself will definitely get the attention of many people.

Having a celebrity or celebrities performing or making appearances at a charity show will also draw a large number of people to the show itself. This not only raises awareness but also raises the funds given.

Celebrities have influence and that influence is needed to strengthen a cause. Once a celebrity sees something, it will be easier for them to use their influence to help deal with the situation. Some change can only be achieved by reaching out and inspiring as many people as possible, and who has that kind of influence more than celebrities?

The participation of a celebrity in a show does not go unnoticed. Yes, it may be to improve their public image but that act of participation or making an appearance can be a huge inspiration for people, especially their fans. The can also contribute by giving towards the cause.



It should also be noted that the success of these charity shows is also related to the quality of entertainment they offer. If the charity show seeks to command a large number of people, which they all do, the organisers of the show need to ensure that the entertainment offered will be worth its while. Let us do the math, shall we? The better the entertainment, the greater the audience, hence the more the people who are made aware of the cause in hand.


What do you think about celebrities and charity shows? Are they rightly involved? Do you think they play any role for the cause at hand?



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