How to Create an Empire: Louis Vuitton

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Arguably, Louis Vuitton is the emblem of Luxury Company’s worldwide and particularly in Europe. According to a recent finding by the Forbes magazine, it makes an estimated amount of twenty-eight billion in one year in the sale of luxury items such as bags. But have you ever asked yourself from where this shocking empire of popular and famous iconic bags emerged? More importantly, who is this man Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton Empire
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Early Life

Louis was born to a less fortunate family in the Eastern part of France in the year 1821. He lost his guardians or parents at a very young age of only thirteen years. Shockingly, history records that Louis moved away from his village and walked to Paris, a move which took two years. During this period he stopped interchangeably looking for jobs, but perhaps ignoring his huge interest in durable luggage and travel. When he finally arrived in Paris, he worked as an apprentice to a leading Parisian craftsman. At this point, global travel was quite modern, and suitcases were similarly on demand. He worked here for seventeen years and after he established his company, named after him in 1854.


Growth of His Travel Bags

During this period, Louis’s travel suitcases were popular amongst many students and travellers because of their lacquered leather and elegant monograms. An advantage of these luxury bags was that they could be bashed and dragged via muddy potholes and puddles and still emerge unscratched. As Paris underwent the vigorous industrial revolution, the constant travelling caused by globalisation also meant that the luggage bags were popular amongst French Socialites travelling to London from France.

Vuitton also created the first ever stackable trunks shaped in a rectangle. It is interesting to observe that most people at the time used round-shaped luggage. Louis’s world took a drastic turn for the better when the wife of Emperor Napoleon employed him as her personal luggage maker. Suddenly, his different looking, robust, and beautiful luggage bags became famous among just settling Paris residents. Later he broadened his skill set beyond just trunks.

The history of the life of Louis Vuitton shows and explains a fair amount of his luggage bags or suitcases to the present day. Unlike other travel bags, a Louis Vuitton brand accompanied by canvas-coated material leather is sturdy, scratch-proof, roomy, and durable. More to this, it is also durable, and capable of withering all seasons.

Similar to his heavy bags, Louis Vuitton worked till he drew his last breath. He passed away in the year 1892, earning a strong legacy of suitcases or luggage bags. He is remembered for his hard-work and willingness to explore and travel.


By looking at the impact Louis Vuitton played in trying to change the world, citizens of Europe should learn that everyone has the capacity of changing the world. It doesn’t matter if you were born poor, disabled, or orphaned, your drive to pursue life goals and achievements will go a long way in ensuring that you build a better future.


In your point of view, from reading and going through his story, how much did Louis Vuitton impact on the trending fashion in the current generation?



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