Philanthropy Only Meant For The Wealthy

In large part due to a shift in our modern understanding of the word, our minds conjure up images of the super wealthy whenever we hear “Philanthropy” It is our modern conception that in order to be a philanthropist, one has to be wealthy-but this could not be farther from the truth. In fact, there are studies that back the ever more popular school of thought that poor people are actually more generous than the wealthy. By definition, whenever somebody gives out to or does…Continue Reading “Is Philanthropy Only Meant For The Wealthy?”

Simple Philanthropy: Easy Ways To Change The World Around You

Many people wrongly believe that philanthropy has to be a burden on the budget, and thus a philantropist must be someone with a lot of money to spare. The general consensus is that if ordinary people indulge in philanthropy they inevitably end up in the soup kitchen but this cannot be farther from the truth. Our world has never been perfect, and never will be; even in our modern times there remains such a prevalence of problems that there is always something that willing minds…Continue Reading “Simple Philanthropy: Easy Ways To Change The World Around You”

sanjay shah tax fraud to autism rocks

Successful tycoon, big-hearted philanthropist, unscrupulous fraudster, Sanjay Shah, 46, has had all these labels and more pinned on him at various times in his high flying life.. In many ways, Sanjay Shah is a remarkable man, a role model for aspirational young people the world over because he is an example of a heart-warming rags to riches story. Ever since he was a young man, Shah has been driven by burning ambition; with his relentlessly ‘can do’ approach to life, he has never allowed obstacles,…Continue Reading “Sanjay Shah – Life in the Fast Lane”

Charity Friendly Companies

Giving back to the community by a well-established company and a starting company is a good thing for both the company providing and the community as a whole. By giving, most companies are marketing themselves indirectly as they earn a reputation for being good and more people will want to buy from those companies. The businesses that are charitable understand that the nonprofit organisations are out there fighting to make the world a better place for everyone and as such they need funding to achieve…Continue Reading “These brands are doing their chairty right – 5 brands every philanthropic entrepreneur need to know”

Usain Bolt: A kind athlete

Mr. Nice-Guy, Usain Bolt Usain Bolt has become a household name and icon over the past years of Olympic sporting. Effortlessly fast beyond belief, this humble and inspiring athlete makes his success look like a walk in the park. Bolt’s signature lightning strike pose that he does at the end of each race has become a crowd favourite, as well as an icon to his success. Brimming with a friendly smile, Bolt is known to hand out fist bumps and hugs like it’s nobody’s business. …Continue Reading “Usain Bolt: A Kind-Hearted Sprinter”

I want to start this by saying that we’ve seen many conflicting observations about Corporate Social Responsibility and its impact on luxury brands.  CSR is generally viewed as a good thing and the corporate world raises more than $20 billion each year through various CSR attempts. However, when it comes to luxury brands, skeptics say it is probably not a good thing for the brand’s value. Well, I am sorry to deliver the bad news: corporate social responsibility is no longer optional. A good example…Continue Reading “Luxury and Charity Co-Branding: When Doing Good in style is an option”

charity benefits for luxury companies

Dapper Guys don’t believe that luxury brands need to do charitable activities so that their consumers won’t feel guilty of spending money on them. In our experience, this is simply not true. This would be true for a corrupt politician from an obscure developing country or a former drug dealer but we cater to a bunch of smart people. Our readers are smart and in most cases, their accomplishment is a result of their smart thinking and hard work. When we see a Dapper Guys…Continue Reading “Why Is Donating To Charity Important To Luxury Businesses?”

There are many that dismisses charity initiatives by brands thinking that it was invented by some marketing genius. However, there have been many examples in the past that proved CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – is not an ignorable force. Of course one can question the intention of these companies but that’s not the point. If you are looking at CSR as a new opportunity for fundraising, it does work. One of the most recent examples is the ‘Only Watch Auction in Monaco that took…Continue Reading “Luxury Brands That Add Value with Charity Partnerships”

Wright Brothers - Dapper Guys

Quote “If birds can glide for long periods of time, then…why can’t I?” – Orville Wright The Wright Brothers are widely regarded as the first humans to successfully fly.  And, their story is worth knowing. Risk and reward.  That’s what it came down to.  Everyone wanted to fly, but the risks were obvious.  At a minimum, the preparation for flight and the attempts made at flying were quite expensive.  At worst, your life was literally in your hands. The road to flight was a long…Continue Reading “Dapper Guys from History: The Wright Brothers”

Autism Rocks Concert

What would you do if you won the lottery? Most of us would immediately think about going on a major shopping spree, buying a new car or house or paying off our debts.  But when you’ve got piles of cash at your disposal, it’s both difficult and foolhardy to blow the lot on gadgets, gizmos and Gucci. Take a cue from Sanjay Shah, an investor with a big wallet and an even bigger eye for philanthropy. Giving Money to A Worthy Cause In Style Sanjay Shah is…Continue Reading “Millionaires Who Used Their Money and Imagination to Change the Lives of Others”