louis vuitton life

Arguably, Louis Vuitton is the emblem of Luxury Company’s worldwide and particularly in Europe. According to a recent finding by the Forbes magazine, it makes an estimated amount of twenty-eight billion in one year in the sale of luxury items such as bags. But have you ever asked yourself from where this shocking empire of popular and famous iconic bags emerged? More importantly, who is this man Louis Vuitton? Early Life Louis was born to a less fortunate family in the Eastern part of France…Continue Reading “How to Create an Empire: Louis Vuitton”

Richard Branson

You cannot have a list of the most successful people in the world and not have Sir Richard Branson`s name on it. There have been some documentaries about him, there are books he has written and there are even more articles written about him. There are lots of lessons we can learn from him but we will highlight just a few. Self-motivation There is nothing drives you more than self-motivation. Once you identify and understand the reason you do what you do, nothing will stop…Continue Reading “Lessons to Learn From Sir Richard Branson”

Learn the Art of Shaving – Do’s & Don’t For something that they allegedly do every day, you would think that men would have mastered the art of shaving by now, but that is not the case. The fact is many men still struggle in the fight against the 5 o’clock shadow, and that is mainly down to the way they use and handle their tools. Most men have had to deal with razor cuts, burns, dry skin and so on. We hope to change…Continue Reading “DO’s and DONT’s : The Art of Shaving.”

Grooming Tips for men

In the past, men who took notice of their appearance were looked at scornfully and often laughed at. Luckily, the time has changed and we have exited an era of primitivism and narrow-mindedness. Man who takes care of himself and his looks is not less of a man. We are presenting 10 habits you can pick up from celebrities in order to maintain a good and desirable appearance. The secret lies in the fact you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on different,…Continue Reading “Ten Grooming Habits Every Successful Man Must Have.”

Classy suit for men

If you are an often to enjoy glamorous events and happenings, or simply have a special opportunity to complement with a nice and perfectly comfortable suit, we have prepared some useful piece of advice. Most importantly, while choosing the perfect suit, ask yourself one question: Does it fit me? Regardless if its price, if the suit is not completely comfortable, it is not worth dropping large amount of money and going beyond the limit. Shoulder pads should completely extend right beyond your shoulder, and it…Continue Reading “These Are the Only 5 Suits You Will Ever Need”

Luxury Watches in Gold

When you are above 30 years of age some yellow gold watches that were not of little interest while you were younger tend to appear cool. Gold watches are generally attractive after your thirties even if you have disavowed them in previous years. The thought of going for a gold wristwatch may be resisted at first as you consider your friends with their speedmasters and steel submariners making a jest of your man-jewellery pieces. If you are greyer in the hair and becoming a little bigger in midsection…Continue Reading “10 Best Gold Watches for Men”

mark zuckerberg clothes

“A few months back, Mark Zuckerberg, also known as the creator of Facebook, the social media website used by billions, posted a photo online that was sure to start a conversation. The picture is a shot of his closet, which for most of us looks like a chaotic mix of colours and patterns, yet Zuckerberg’s is something out of the ordinary. The photo captioned, “First day back after paternity leave. What should I wear?” is a snap of grey t-shirts neatly hung up in a…Continue Reading “There is something really inspiring about Mark Zuckerberg’s bland outfits”

Quote “We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things” – Walt Disney Disney. Perhaps the greatest name in the entire world of entertainment.  No name even comes close to rivaling the name of Disney. Disney represents the best in humanity.  When you hear the name Disney your mind quickly goes to good places.  Safe places.  Disney unites the peoples of the world.  Disney modeled diversity before diversity was even diversity. The name Disney speaks of excellence.  The best movie.  The best cartoon. …Continue Reading “DAPPER GUYS FROM HISTORY: WALT DISNEY”

Richard Branson with Virgin Logo

The entrepreneur Richard Branson was born on the eighteenth of July, in the year 1950, in Surrey, England. It is shocking to learn that he struggled in school and ultimately dropped out at the age of sixteen. This is an outcome that eventually led to the birth of Virgin Records. His business projects began in the music industry and later expanded into other departments, and as a result of this, he became a billionaire. He has employed thousands of employees and his Virgin group currently…Continue Reading “The Living Legend: Sir Richard Branson”