oslo parking app space

Have you ever tried to park in Ekeberg during the Norway Cup? It’s definitely not an easy task. The funny part is, there are plenty of parking spots available on private properties in the area. – “We conducted an experiment last year in Oslo,” said Sigurd Høystad, general manager of a start-up called Space. – “We knocked on the doors of 40 homeowners in Ekeberg during the Norway Cup, asking if they would like to rent out parking space for one or more cars on their…Continue Reading “Mobile App Entrepreneurs Will Solve Oslo’s Parking Problem”

tax on millionaires

There are very few topics that are sure to get a heated debate going across the dinner table like the topic about taxes; especially when it comes to how much the rich and ultra-rich are supposedly entitled to pay. A huge part of acquiring wealth and keeping it lies in knowing how to considerably reduce the amount of taxes you pay or legally avoiding paying them altogether. The key word here is legally. In a 1789 letter talking about the American constitution, Benjamin Franklin made…Continue Reading “A Multimillionaire Businessman Pays their Taxes”

minimalism: a success Factor for successful people

Success is a word that has had many diverse definitions over the years. It can refer to various aspects ranging from fortune to fame, gigantic houses and even owning the most luxurious cars among many other things. To cut to the chase, success in this generation is mostly about what you have in terms of sole ownership. If a person manages to own all the above mentioned things, you are most likely to be referred to as successful and if you don`t have them, you`re…Continue Reading “Why Do Most Successful People Follow Minimalism?”

Learn the Art of Shaving – Do’s & Don’t For something that they allegedly do every day, you would think that men would have mastered the art of shaving by now, but that is not the case. The fact is many men still struggle in the fight against the 5 o’clock shadow, and that is mainly down to the way they use and handle their tools. Most men have had to deal with razor cuts, burns, dry skin and so on. We hope to change…Continue Reading “DO’s and DONT’s : The Art of Shaving.”

Sunglasses are protective eyewear created for the prevention of high-energy visible light and bright sunlight to damage the eye or cause eye discomfort. Some sunglasses also functions as visual aids. A pair of wonderful sunglasses can elevate your looks immediately even while just turning up in just t-shirt and jeans. The logic behind this is to identify the right pair for you. To get the best sunglasses for yourself, you need to remember the fact below. FACE SHAPE PLAYS AN ESSENTIAL ROLE If you are…Continue Reading “Pick the Right Sunglasses”

Luxury Watches in Gold

When you are above 30 years of age some yellow gold watches that were not of little interest while you were younger tend to appear cool. Gold watches are generally attractive after your thirties even if you have disavowed them in previous years. The thought of going for a gold wristwatch may be resisted at first as you consider your friends with their speedmasters and steel submariners making a jest of your man-jewellery pieces. If you are greyer in the hair and becoming a little bigger in midsection…Continue Reading “10 Best Gold Watches for Men”

mark zuckerberg clothes

“A few months back, Mark Zuckerberg, also known as the creator of Facebook, the social media website used by billions, posted a photo online that was sure to start a conversation. The picture is a shot of his closet, which for most of us looks like a chaotic mix of colours and patterns, yet Zuckerberg’s is something out of the ordinary. The photo captioned, “First day back after paternity leave. What should I wear?” is a snap of grey t-shirts neatly hung up in a…Continue Reading “There is something really inspiring about Mark Zuckerberg’s bland outfits”

personality traits of entrepreneur

One things for sure, being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. Big risks, and often even bigger failures are typical elements of starting a business from the ground up. While the success of such a venture is extremely beneficial, oftentimes people fear that they don’t have what it takes.  However, these traits seem to be a common denominator among the most successful business owners throughout the years. Passionate If you’re in the early stages of starting your business, chances are you will not succeed without being…Continue Reading “The 5 Personality Traits of Every Successful Entrepreneur”