Simple Philanthropy: Easy Ways To Change The World Around You

Many people wrongly believe that philanthropy has to be a burden on the budget, and thus a philantropist must be someone with a lot of money to spare. The general consensus is that if ordinary people indulge in philanthropy they inevitably end up in the soup kitchen but this cannot be farther from the truth. Our world has never been perfect, and never will be; even in our modern times there remains such a prevalence of problems that there is always something that willing minds…Continue Reading “Simple Philanthropy: Easy Ways To Change The World Around You”

“Beneficial effects” Mark Zuckerberg is a cunning move that would allow him to avoid paying taxes in reaching the billions of dollars. Facebook almost do not drain – and now also the founder of their escape. At first glance, the statement Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook that will allocate 99% of its own shares in the company – worth about $ 45 billion – to charity, it seems sincere. Other well-known billionaires like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, also promised that a huge part of their estates to…Continue Reading “A Journalist makes Shocking Allegations against Chan Zuckerberg Foundation”

According to the international financial services provider, Foresters, up to 90% of the general population donated cash in 2011. In our increasingly connected world it’s hard not to extend help. That said, times can be difficult and economic tides can change. Is largesse limited to money, or is there such a thing as charity beyond money? According to Foresters 57% of those who took part in the survey donated old items lying around, while 43% preferred volunteering their time. Clearly there are ways to lend…Continue Reading “Charity beyond money”