5 Businesses that Do the Most Philanthropy

Many companies are catching on to the fact that philanthropy may be that hidden gem you only recognise after taking a second glance. There are many benefits that accrue to a business after it engages in philanthropic activities and some companies will not be outdone in this regard. So who are the “top givers” or most generous companies among the bunch? We compiled a list of the top 5 businesses that do the most giving. Go through our list to find out who made the…Continue Reading “5 Businesses That Do The Most Philanthropy”

Philanthropy - Good For Business

In the simplest understanding of the term, philanthropy involves giving something away. That makes it counter-productive for a business doesn’t it? After all if the mentioning of the word philanthropy conjures up thoughts of donating vast amounts of money, or in the case of businesses, capital then it might be something that businesses best shy away from. In our corporate minded and ever more self-centered society, where nothing holds any value if it does not add directly to the bottom line, it may be hard…Continue Reading “Philanthropy Can Be Good For Business”

business man

We would all like to be better entrepreneurs and business men. Unfortunately, there is no fairy godmother that is going to appear to make all those dreams come true. That is no reason to lose hope however. Success like most worthwhile things in life, can be learned, replicated, copied, and taught. That’s why mentors are so important! But even more significant about this trait of success is the fact that it means that the journey to being a successful business man can be boiled down…Continue Reading “Ten Tips to Become a Better Business Person”

Billionaires are not all stingy, just think of Philantropist Andrew Carnegie or Bill Gates. And while 99% of the rich are not yet ready to donate some of their massive wealth, there is a group of wealthiest people in the world who donate more than half their fortune to charitable organizations. These charity magnates come from all different sectors of activity, including oil, retail, manufacturing, banking, real estate and pharmaceuticals. They also come from all over the world, and together have a net worth just…Continue Reading “Businessmen with Big Hearts: 10 Philanthropists You Should Know”

copenhagen start up capital

Berlin overtook last year London as Europe’s start-up capital. Start-up companies in Berlin benefit from investing at record levels, which in turn is driving for an even more exciting and dynamic growth environment. Can we create the same success in Copenhagen? In terms of the amount of investment, Berlin has now taken the lead as Europe’s start-up capital and overtaken London, which still keeps distance to Stockholm and Paris as its closest pursuers. According to a report from EY in Germany, which measures the amount of investment in…Continue Reading “Can Copenhagen Become Europe’s Startup Capital?”

ifu helps develop new business opportunities

IFU, the Investment Fund for Developing Countries, helps Danish companies with business development so they can establish a stronger foothold in emerging markets. With IFU’s new mandate, including the new Agricultural Fund, the possibilities have been greatly enhanced. IFU has an increasingly important role as a developer of new business markets for Danish companies. It is not enough to offer capital – or to just wait for companies to submit new ideas for investments. Take South Africa, for instance. – “I can clearly see what Danish companies…Continue Reading “IFU Helps Develop New Business Opportunities”