Autism Rocks Presents Ricky Martin – Londoner Sanjay Shah Is Organizing A Spectacular Concert In London This September!

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Ricky Martin Autism Concert

Born Enrique Martin Morales, Ricky Martin is one of the most successful Latin American pop singers in the world. He rose to fame with his football World Cup hit, but his association with music first began at the tender age of 6. In 1990, at just 20 years old, he was signed by Sony Studios. And as we all know, he has never looked back.

Interestingly, London based businessman Sanjay Shah was also barely 20 years old in 1990. These two completely unrelated people, born in different parts of the world, with different career paths and different interests, are united by one thing: their passion for helping people affected by autism.

One World By Ricky Martin – Ricky’s only Show in London This Year

one world ricky martin tour
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Any fan of Ricky Martin will know that he gives his heart and soul to his audience. Celebrating life through his music, he and his dancers get everyone pumped up to sing and dance!

This is what an excited fan who saw Ricky in concert last year had to say about the event.

“This is the third time I have seen him in concert and it was just awesome! Best performance yet! I loved all the music he played that night. Everyone was dancing, nobody wanted to sit. He also got the audience involved in the concert which was spectacular. It was just one big party and I didn’t want it to end.”

As you know, we at Dapper Guys believe success is celebrated best when you share it with the world. Unless you are able to give back to a world which has given you everything, you truly don’t have style. And we can see that both Ricky Martin and Sanjay Shah are Dapper Guys indeed.

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